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Why Lip Balm is Important During the Fall

With the summer season sizzling down to something a bit cooler, it’s time to get ready for lower temperatures. While shopping for your fall wardrobe, make sure you take some time to shop for the best lip balm. It’s important to protect your lips from the chilly winds that can leave your skin chapped and dry. Before you purchase a generic chapstick brand, know that Cannabliss Organic has you and your lips fully covered with premium products.

Your Lips Are Vulnerable During the Fall

The reason you want to go to such great lengths to protect your lips during the colder months of the year is that your lips don’t produce oil the way the rest of your skin does. This makes your lips especially vulnerable to dryness. To keep your lips from painfully cracking, it’s essential that you always have a lip balm on hand. By using lip balm to protect your lips from dryness, you can also ensure that your lips look their best no matter how low the temperature drops.

Hemp Oil Lip Balm

Our vegan lip balm is packed with healthy Omega fatty and linoleic acid, both of which are perfect for healing and moisturizing your lips and protecting them from the elements, including harmful sunlight, which is another hazard you need to be aware of during the fall and winter seasons. Our Bliss Kiss Balm is made with goji berry to help your lips look nice and plump. We added pomegranate to ensure that all the richness and nourishing ingredients have a chance to sink in to improve and protect your lips from the inside out.

Understanding Hemp Oil

If you aren’t familiar with products made from hemp oil, you may be under the impression that the oil contains marijuana. THC, which is in the flowering part of the cannabis plant that causes the high, is not present in hemp oil, which comes from the stalk and seeds of the plant that does not contain psychoactive compounds. This means that you can rest easy when using our lip balm and other products made with hemp oil. When using this product, you won’t have to worry about the legality of using hemp oil in your state or problems with any upcoming drug tests.

Get Your Lips Ready for Winter and Fall

Don’t leave the health of your lips out in the cold. For more information on our Bliss Kiss Lip Balm or any of our other hemp products, such as our revitalizing serum or moisturizing lotion, contact us here at Cannabliss Organic.

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