Key Benefits People are Finding from Hemp Oil Skincare

Key Benefits People are Finding from Hemp Oil Skincare

Hemp oil, although it has been used medicinally for centuries it’s a hot topic these days. But what exactly is it? Hemp oil does not produce a “high” as it does not contain the psychotropic ingredient THC that is present in weed – so you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’ll fail a drug test or get a ‘buzz.’ Instead hemp oil contains CBD which is typically used medicinally and can help to decrease inflammation, foster pain relief, and encourage cell regeneration which results in glowing skin and healthy hair. So how do you use hemp oil and what exactly are the benefits of using it?

To reap the benefits of hemp oil, all you have to do is either (1) ingest it or (2) apply it topically. Many people are using hemp oil as an ingredient in their salad dressings or purchasing organic lotions like Cannabliss Skin Care products to apply topically. Whatever way you decide to use hemp oil, we’re sure you’ll love the way it makes you look and feel.

Hemp Oil Benefits

The following are some of the awesome key benefits of using this amazing super product:

1. Reduced Inflammation and Irritation

Because of some of its main ingredients, fatty acids GLA and omega-3, the benefits of hemp oil for skin and for your internal health are amazing. Externally, hemp oil reduces and soothes irritation and heals itchy dry skin in a snap. The internal inflammation reducing medicinal benefits include reduced risk for heart disease and decreased severity of the side effects from cancer treatments. *Talk to your doctor if you’re interested in using hemp oil as a heart disease risk reducer or in conjunction with cancer treatments.

2. Acne Fighting

Luckily the hemp oil benefits for skin don’t stop at reducing things like eczema and rashes. Along with its anti-inflammatory aspects, hemp oil has natural astringent properties that fight acne while also keeping your face fresh and moisturized. Its non-comedogenic properties will keep your pores unclogged and your skin glowing.

3. Extremely Moisturizing

Hemp oil has a plethora of vitamins and minerals and its comedogenic rating is zero so it gives your skin intense moisture without making you feel oily or clogging your pores. Plus it can be used on your whole body as well as your face. Whether you use it to heal your dry cracked heels or to keep your face moisturized and glowing – you’re sure to love the results.

4. Youth Enhancing

One of the best hemp oil benefits for face and body skin problems is its unmatched anti-aging properties. Hemp oil contains natural age defying linoleic acid and oleic acid. Our bodies don’t naturally produce these acids, so its necessary to use a product to get the benefits of them. Along with the many vitamins and minerals in hemp oil, linoleic and oleic acid increase plumpness, reduce the appearances of fine lines and wrinkles, and moisturize without making your skin oily.

5. Shiny Hair

Using hemp oil products just may be the key to having the hair of your dreams. Hemp oil contains ceramide lipids that support cellular membranes. These cellular membranes allow substances to enter and exit a cell. If your cellular membranes are healthy–they lock out excess moisture while keeping the moisture you do need inside. By ingesting hemp oil or using hemp oil hair masks and products like it, you can increase your ceramide levels and improve the health of your hair!

6. Prevents and Fades Varicose Veins

Varicose veins not only look unsightly, they are also painful and can cause poor blood flow. To improve your painful varicose veins or to prevent new ones from forming, you can ingest hemp oil. Hemp oil has natural blood thinning properties, this helps varicose veins because it can decrease the appearance of bulging veins by preventing blood buildup on the top of the valve. *As with all medicinal treatments, check with your doctor before using hemp oil as a varicose vein treatment.

7. Immune Boosting

Not only does hemp oil boost the look of your skin and hair look–it boosts your immune system through its high doses of fatty acids. Supplementing your store of fatty acids with hemp oil will provide you an awesome immune boost.

Learn More About Cannabliss Skincare

Now that you’ve heard about all the incredible benefits of hemp oil for skin, hair, and your overall health, you may want to know more about the products you can use to reap some of the benefits. One of the best hemp oil products on the market is Cannabliss Organic’s skin care line. They offer conflict and cruelty free and organic hemp oil products infused with a unique blend of Korean herbs to correct your skin’s imbalances and get you that perfect glow. If you want to learn more about their products and secret to amazing skin, check out

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