Radiation Burn Treatment with Hemp Skincare Cream

How Hemp-Infused Skincare Is Helping Cancer Patients Suffering From Radiation Burns

Unfortunately, many people’s lives have been affected by cancer. Whether by the disease itself or the side effects of the treatments used to help eradicate it. A cancer patient often has to deal with the side effects of increased physical aging effects, skin burns from radiation, dermatitis, and increased skin sensitivity to sunlight.

Hemp Oil for Radiation

Hemp Treatment for Chemo Radiation Burns

While these skin issues can be extremely painful and disheartening, there is a product that can help decrease some of the discomfort and pain. Hemp oil. Hemp oil is a power-packed skin treatment full of vitamins, minerals, and omega-6 that have anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, and healing properties. There are many benefits of hemp oil for skin. So how does hemp oil help the skin ailments listed above?

Radiation Burns & Sunburns

Those who have cancer and receiving radiation or chemotherapy often have an increased sensitivity to sunlight and also suffer from painful radiation burns. To treat these burns, simply apply a hemp oil salve or lotion to the affected area. Once applied, the gamma-nucleic acid in the omega 6 gets to work to decrease inflammation and pain and encourages skin cell regeneration. In addition to this, it also moisturizes the skin and encourages healing.

Dry Skin & Rashes

Dermatitis is often a result of cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. The elements in hemp oil encourage natural oil production to regulate and deeply moisturize the skin. This results in decreased dry and patchy skin and a reduction of inflammation without risking acne because hemp oil is non-comedogenic.


Cancer is tough on the body and therefore tough on the skin. Hemp oil slows down the aging process because it contains linoleic acid and oleic acids naturally. These acids are critical for youthful looking skin as they contain anti-aging properties.

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To see the hemp oil benefits for skin for yourself, look for a product that is both organic and high-quality. If you want the best hemp oil skin care on the market check out Cannabliss Organic’s products. We have everything from salves to lotions to help decrease your discomfort and get your skin looking and feeling great. To try out our most popular products, you can try our starter kit to see which ones work best for you. Cancer and its accompanying treatments are extremely arduous and hard on the body, but Cannabliss Organic’s products can help your skin feel better. For more information on our products and how hemp oil works, here is the story of bliss.

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