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Goodbye dry skin, hello glow!


Winter is coming…and it can be pretty tough on your skin.

Luckily, we have a few tips to keep your skin blissfully beautiful and
glowing all season long.

As temperatures start to dip, you need to give your skin even more love. The air is drier and can pull moisture right from you skin. It is time for some pampering!

First things first: Choose a moisturizer that doesn’t have harsh chemicals that will dry out your skin even more. Our nutrient-rich, organic formulas promote new cell regeneration while fighting off the negative effects of the environment.

Our Cannabliss Revitalizing Face Serum is a healthy daily drink for your skin. And for intense hydration, choose our Cannabliss Moisturizing Face Lotion. Both offer the additional healing properties of hemp oil. 

Let the Hemp Oil sink in: The hemp oil in our skincare improves your skin’s ability to grow new cells and discard old damaged ones. It helps regulate the life cycle of cells revealing gorgeous, radiant, hydrated skin. Plus, you can also exfoliate once or twice a week to help the hemp oil really sink in.

For total skin bliss: When washing your face, choose warm water over hot, it is gentler on your skin. It is also a good idea to apply your moisturizer when your face is still slightly wet to lock in all the hydrating goodness! And don’t skip the sunscreen even in winter – those harsh UVA rays that cause premature aging are just as strong year round.

So take that Jack Frost! Beautiful, glowing ageless skin can be yours – even in winter!

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