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Skincare Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Are you determined to give the best personal and useful gift for the holidays, but find yourself struggling to come up with the perfect idea? Holiday beauty gifts are the ideal solution because they pamper the recipient and can be put to good use. Regardless of skin type, everyone should use skin care products in their daily grooming routine, whether that is a simple face soap or a purposeful face mask.

The latest high-end products follow the current trend of utilizing hemp oil for its effective, natural properties. Hemp oil has become well-known for gently providing healing benefits without using harmful chemicals for multiple conditions including wrinkles, dry skin, eczema, acne, scars, and psoriasis. Products containing hemp oil are not only good for you but are good for the environment too. Whether looking for gifts for mom, your friends, or others on your holiday gift list, the following suggestions are sure to put a smile on their face and yours.


Moisturizing Face Lotion

The basis for a successful skin care routine is a good moisturizer. Weather conditions, environmental toxins, stress, and age all have the potential to wreak havoc on your face. It is important to counter these negative effects each day with a moisturizer proven to hydrate and revitalize your skin. The best skin care products contain non-harmful ingredients that treat your skin gently.

Cannabliss Organic’s Moisturizing Face Lotion is an excellent choice for all skin types. Made from full spectrum hemp oil and a variety of herbs, it comes in a beautiful bottle that is perfect for gift-giving too. Korean herbs including goji berry, Schisandra and Peony combine to form a lightly scented product that restores moisture to your face while fighting the signs of aging. To maximize effectiveness, gift this moisturizer with a facial serum.


Facial Serum

Facial serums are applied immediately after cleansing and work to deliver powerful nutrients right into the skin. The Revitalizing Face Serum by Cannabliss Organic contains beneficial natural ingredients like mulberry bark and Panax ginseng to smooth and hydrate skin. Its gentle formula provides a glow to your face and is less likely to cause breakouts.

The boxed gift set is easy to wrap and will undoubtedly be loved by all who receive it.

Facial Cleanser

The Foaming Cleanser from Cannabliss Organic is always a favorite thanks to its natural ingredients, which include vanilla, orange and licorice root. This airy foam not only thoroughly cleanses the face but also utilizes the licorice root to control excess oil production which helps fight breakouts. Using this cleanser daily, followed by application of the serum and moisturizer, gives best results for radiant skin.


Lip Balm

Lip balms make great stocking stuffers, so be sure to buy a few for your loved ones – and one for yourself, too. Developing a gentle and effective skin care routine for every corner of your face is important. Hydrating lips regularly helps prevent that dreaded feeling and look of dry, chapped lips.

Bliss Kiss Balm is a thoughtful gift for anyone. Its striking packaging is matched by the wonderful formula inside this vegan balm. Hemp oil heals, smooths and soothes wounded lips, while goji berry works to make a plump pout.


Body Oil

Most everyone’s skin exhibits dryness when the weather gets colder. Loss of moisture needs to be addressed with regular application of body oil after a shower or before bedtime. Since hemp oil is naturally hydrating, it is the ideal base for body oil, especially when supplemented by other organic ingredients.

Bliss Body Oil is one of those gifts for mom that keeps on giving, although it would be appreciated by everyone on your gift list too. Containing Korean herbs such as mulberry bark and Panax ginseng, this oil glides onto skin without feeling greasy. It is 100% organic and even comes in a gift set with hemp salve to keep your skin moisturized and supple throughout the year.


Prepare for the holidays with Cannabliss Organic

Holiday beauty gifts from Cannabliss Organic are sure to indulge and delight your loved ones. Whether you choose a moisturizer for the face or lip balm to make those lips kissably soft, these beautifully packaged natural products bring to light the benefits of hemp oil. Be sure to visit Cannabliss Organic today to order some great holiday gifts for the special people on your list.


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Not All CBD Is Created Equal

With all the buzz about hemp oil in the press, many new beauty products are touting the amazing benefits of “cannabis”. There have even been some misleading statements regarding full spectrum hemp oil, phytocannabinoid oil and CBD oil – which are all one in the same. However, not all cannabis skincare contains CBD. You may want to ask some questions to make sure you’re getting the real thing.

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Radiation Burn Treatment with Hemp Skincare Cream
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How Hemp-Infused Skincare Is Helping Cancer Patients Suffering From Radiation Burns

Unfortunately, many people’s lives have been affected by cancer. Whether by the disease itself or the side effects of the treatments used to help eradicate it. A cancer patient often has to deal with the side effects of increased physical aging effects, skin burns from radiation, dermatitis, and increased skin sensitivity to sunlight.

Hemp Oil for Radiation

Hemp Treatment for Chemo Radiation Burns

While these skin issues can be extremely painful and disheartening, there is a product that can help decrease some of the discomfort and pain. Hemp oil. Hemp oil is a power-packed skin treatment full of vitamins, minerals, and omega-6 that have anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, and healing properties. There are many benefits of hemp oil for skin. So how does hemp oil help the skin ailments listed above?

Radiation Burns & Sunburns

Those who have cancer and receiving radiation or chemotherapy often have an increased sensitivity to sunlight and also suffer from painful radiation burns. To treat these burns, simply apply a hemp oil salve or lotion to the affected area. Once applied, the gamma-nucleic acid in the omega 6 gets to work to decrease inflammation and pain and encourages skin cell regeneration. In addition to this, it also moisturizes the skin and encourages healing.

Dry Skin & Rashes

Dermatitis is often a result of cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. The elements in hemp oil encourage natural oil production to regulate and deeply moisturize the skin. This results in decreased dry and patchy skin and a reduction of inflammation without risking acne because hemp oil is non-comedogenic.


Cancer is tough on the body and therefore tough on the skin. Hemp oil slows down the aging process because it contains linoleic acid and oleic acids naturally. These acids are critical for youthful looking skin as they contain anti-aging properties.

Shop Our Hemp-infused Skincare Products

To see the hemp oil benefits for skin for yourself, look for a product that is both organic and high-quality. If you want the best hemp oil skin care on the market check out Cannabliss Organic’s products. We have everything from salves to lotions to help decrease your discomfort and get your skin looking and feeling great. To try out our most popular products, you can try our starter kit to see which ones work best for you. Cancer and its accompanying treatments are extremely arduous and hard on the body, but Cannabliss Organic’s products can help your skin feel better. For more information on our products and how hemp oil works, here is the story of bliss.

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What’s the Difference Between CBD Oil & Hemp Oil?

The legalization of medical and recreational marijuana across the United States has led to a renaissance of hemp-based products, with infusions being found everywhere from teas and meal supplements to skin and body care. Although hemp is increasingly found in a variety of products, many are still confused about the origins of hemp, and how it differs from its cousin, the marijuana plant.

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How Long Does Hemp Oil Effect Last
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How Long Does Hemp Oil Effect Last?

Hemp oil can be a useful pain relief alternative for those worried about the health risks and risk of habit-forming that comes with opioid-based pain relief. Hemp oil based products are often organic, pesticide-free, and are made using plants grown locally, so the environmental benefits are also appealing. You may find yourself wondering “Just how effective are these products, and how long can I expect to be pain-free?” Of course, answers to that question can’t be set in stone. Everybody reacts differently to things they consume, and Hemp Oil is no different. Other factors to consider are how you plan to ingest the product, and what ailments you’re using it to treat. However, we can approximate the effects to help you choose the products that will work best for treating your ailments.

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Mother Cuddling Her Little Son
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Can Hemp Oil Help Little Ones?

Hemp oil promises many health benefits, not to mention it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals, but is it safe to give your kids?

In studies, Hemp Oil appears to be well-tolerated in children. Many health professionals also agree that hemp oil has similar effects on children as it does on adults – so hemp oil products could possibly help treat kids with pain disorders, nausea, neurological conditions, depression and more.

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Using hemp Oil to Relieve Chronic Pain

Since medical weed was first legalized in California in 1996, and recreational weed legalized in Colorado and Washington in 2012, the plant’s popularity as a healing agent has soared. Weed has been used to treat everything from PTSD to inflammation, and the list keeps growing as the medicinal benefits of hemp-based products and hemp oils continue to be explored.

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Hemp Oil (aka Your Skin’s New BFF)

Hemp Oil is a natural component found in the hemp plant (not to be confused with the psychoactive THC).
Hemp oil can be extracted from the plant and applied topically without disrupting any psychological or psychomotor functions. Simply put – your skin can reap the serious skincare benefits of hemp oil without the high.
It’s one of nature’s best beauty secrets!

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