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Using hemp Oil to Relieve Chronic Pain

Since medical weed was first legalized in California in 1996, and recreational weed legalized in Colorado and Washington in 2012, the plant’s popularity as a healing agent has soared. Weed has been used to treat everything from PTSD to inflammation, and the list keeps growing as the medicinal benefits of hemp-based products and hemp oils continue to be explored.

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Hemp Oil (aka Your Skin’s New BFF)

Hemp Oil is a natural component found in the hemp plant (not to be confused with the psychoactive THC).
Hemp oil can be extracted from the plant and applied topically without disrupting any psychological or psychomotor functions. Simply put – your skin can reap the serious skincare benefits of hemp oil without the high.
It’s one of nature’s best beauty secrets!

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Goodbye dry skin, hello glow!


Winter is coming…and it can be pretty tough on your skin.

Luckily, we have a few tips to keep your skin blissfully beautiful and
glowing all season long.

As temperatures start to dip, you need to give your skin even more love. The air is drier and can pull moisture right from you skin. It is time for some pampering!

First things first: Choose a moisturizer that doesn’t have harsh chemicals that will dry out your skin even more. Our nutrient-rich, organic formulas promote new cell regeneration while fighting off the negative effects of the environment.

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