4 Must-Have Daily Skincare Items to Have in Your Tote Bag

If you have been anywhere on the internet, you have probably already heard about the benefits of hemp or hemp oil when ingested. Depending on the strain, the oil can improve mental focus, ease the symptoms of anxiety and depression, and even relieve physical pain related to arthritis and other chronic pain ailments. What you might not know is that the oil is also excellent for organic skincare needs. Add these items to your bag and use them daily to ease acne symptoms, moisturize, and get glowing skin in no time.

1. Foaming Cleanser

A good skincare routine begins with a high-quality foaming cleanser like ours. Each of our organic skincare products includes a blend of herbs that the Korean Royal Court has used for many generations. Part of that secret blend includes hemp oil and hemp oil. Together, the oils ensure your body absorbs as much of the regeneration properties as possible to create a more radiant complexion. Also, we infused our foaming cleanser with orange and vanilla that gently cleanses your skin and keeps it hydrated. Of course, it smells amazing, too. Just massage the cleanser into your skin and rinse with warm water.

2. Lip Balm

The skin on your lips is the most fragile on your body and requires the right product to retain moisture without being damaged. Our Bliss Kiss Balm is made with hemp oil to nourish your lips and keep them hydrated. The formula also includes pomegranate, which helps with absorption, as well as Goji berry to add plumpness and make your lips kissable.

3. Hemp Salve

Skincare isn’t only skin deep. You can’t feel your best if your muscles and joints are sore from a grueling day, which is why we recommend hemp salve as part of your daily routine. This healing product is created with a variety of healing herbs, including full-spectrum hemp oil, goji berry, mulberry and ginseng. The result is a fragrant product that melts into your skin to add moisture while easing your aches and pains. This is the perfect product for extra dry areas, such as elbows or knees.

4. Bliss Body Oil

Finish off your daily skincare regimen with Bliss Body Oil. This naturally hydrating oil combines hemp oil from Colorado-grown plants and blends it with mulberry bark and a variety of other Korean herbs to create a truly luxurious experience. In addition to helping your skin retain its elasticity, our oil eases dry skin and peeling related to acne, sunburn and other mild skin inflammation issues. Use on damp skin after showering for the best results.

The Best Skincare Products

Cannabliss Organic strives to create the best skincare products for our customers, which is why we only use true hemp oil and other organic ingredients. Start your new skin care routine today!

4 Must-Have Daily Skincare Items to Have in Your Totebag

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